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Digital Marketing for Landscapers – How To Market Your Landscaping Business Online

When you own your own landscaping business, you need to market yourself to the best of your ability in order to attract new customers your way. This could be networking with people, handing out business cards, getting references, wrapping your trucks with your logo, and maybe buying an ad on a bus stop bench. However, in this modern world we live in it also means marketing yourself online. We live in a digital age, and you need to communicate with your customers on a level they understand. However, digital marketing for landscapers doesn’t always come easy for someone who is used to working with their hands all day. Here are some landscaper online marketing tips to help increase your digital presence and get more business.

Pick target landscaping keywords

Keywords are words that people will enter into a search engine when they need landscaping services. You want to pop up on the first page when people search for specific landscaping-related keywords in the target service area you work in. However, you need to know the most popular keywords in your industry first. For landscaping, some of the most important keywords include:

  • landscaping near me- 110,000 monthly searches
  • landscaping companies near me- 33,100 monthly searches
  • landscaping companies- 22,200 monthly searches

You want to try to incorporate these keywords on your website and in your original content. There are many more keywords to try as well (including the various landscaping/hardscaping services you provide). Make sure that while you incorporate the keywords that you don’t saturate your website with them, or it can cause the search engine algorithm to label the page as spam.

It’s All In a Name

The name of your landscaping company can be a contributing factor to your online visibility in the search engine results and in your brand recognition. You want to pick a name that is unique, memorable, easy to spell, and applicable to your industry. If possible, you may even want to have a keyword or phrase in your business name. You want people to type in the name of your business when searching for your services to help your company’s website come up first. This is less effective than it used to be but I have found with my clients that it still helps.

Creating a Landscaping Website

Every landscaping company needs a high quality website to provide consumers with information about their services and how to schedule an appointment. The website should be attractive, easy to read, and informative. More importantly, I highly recommend building your website on a platform like WordPress. When set up properly by someone that knows what they are doing it will far outrank a do it yourself platform like Wix, Godaddy site builder, or Squarespace. You can use a free WordPress template, or you can get a custom design that will increase the professionalism of your site. From my experience as the owner of a digital marketing agency owner I will tell you that a high-quality website built on WordPress will outperform a do it yourself site. A custom design, optimized for the key search terms will also help increase your search engine rankings. Make sure to update your website regularly to accurately reflect your full list of services.

Social Media

Social media like Facebook and Instagram is the internet sensation that connects people in one simple platform. You may not realize that it also helps connects people with businesses. Your ideal home owner customers spend a lot of time on social media sites and you want to make sure your business is visible on those platforms. You need to create a Facebook business page on your favorite social media platforms and encourage customers to “like” your business. When you post something, all of those people will be able to see it on their time line. You’ll be able to show off some of your latest work or let customers know about current promotions. You get to reach a lot of people all at once, and it’s one of the cheapest ways to market your company if you manage the social media account yourself. Simply posting progress photos of your patios, retaining walls, and lawn jobs can catch the eye of another potential customer looking for the same. Being visible on these platforms can help attract potential customers your way! One of my landscapers just posted a Before and After photo of a Patio he just built on his Facebook business page and he has got a lot of attention by boosting that post out to homeowners in his local service area.

Google Business Page

Google is one of the most recognizable businesses out there, and it’s the most popular search engine online by a large margin. It opens the door to seemingly unlimited information about anything from history to product reviews. Since many people turn to Google to get information about a product or a business, it’s a good idea to create a business page on Google. Setting up your business and going through the verification process at Google My Business is well-worth the time and I have personally seen landscapers that fully optimize their listing regularly get 20-40 phone calls a month just from this listing. If you set this listing up properly, people will see your contact information when they search for your business as well, pictures your post, your hours, your website address, and your phone number. They’ll also be able to read reviews right there and even leave their own after they purchase your product. HINT: Get lots of positive reviews for your business as this will help your landscaping business attract even more your way. I’ll share more about Google reviews and how important they are later in this article.

Google Ads Campaigns For Landscapers

One of the most effective tools our landscaping clients have in their digital marketing arsenal is a well-run Google Ads campaign! A Google Smart Campaign (the DIY version of Google ads) is ok, but it isn’t as effective as a properly run Google Ads campaign operated by a skilled professional. Google Ads is a paid service where Google will put up an ad they help you create within their network. Google will even help you target the people who would most need your services by allowing you to enter specific demographic information. The best part is that you get to set your budget every month. You pay every time someone clicks the ad and winds up on your site. You set a cap, and if you hit the cap, Google will cease putting out the ads to prevent you from going over your budget for landscaper online marketing. A Google Ads campaign targeting high value job targets like retaining walls, patios, driveway pavers, outdoor kitchens etc are very effective and very profitable. Our clients routinely get 20-50 leads a month depending on how big of a Google Ads budget they have.

The Importance Of Online Reviews

Reviews are a powerful tool. Humans are hard-wired to look for clues from other people on how they should act. This is a major reason why online reviews matter so much. They are a way for customers to provide feedback after an experience with your company. When people have a positive experience, you can use their kind words to help promote your business. You can share the reviews on social media or on your website. Negative reviews can be a useful tool, too. It can give you information on how to improve. It can also give you the opportunity to make things right with a customer. People can post reviews in numerous places, including:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Houzz
  • Angie’s List

The more reviews you have, the more established you seem as a business. However, you may struggle to get people to write a review. Consider offering a discount on the next service for people who write a review. Many of our clients that are most successful at getting reviews leverage a Review Software to help facilitate the review-getting process. You should also ask your employees to suggest it to customers who particularly love the work.

Create original content

People go online not just to purchase landscaping services but also to learn about different landscaping topics. If someone has a question, you want to help answer it for them. Adding pages to your site that answer the most frequently asked questions, expanding on each of the services that you offer, and publishing blog posts that answer basic landscaping questions and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. People who find and read your blog will remember your name when the time comes for them to order services.

When you write your blog, you want to make it as unique and current as possible. Start by focusing on core keywords your potential landscaping customers might search for. Try to talk about things that aren’t covered extensively. You also want to cover the most important topics of the day. Make sure to write in a way that appeals to your audience. You want to make it easy to read scan with headers, bullet points, and short paragraphs. You should also be sure to include plenty of keywords into the content to help your blog pop up in search engines

Utilize pictures and videos

landscaping is a very visual industry, and you should use this to your advantage. Take before and after pictures of some of your most impressive jobs (with the customer’s consent, of course). These pictures will show off what you can do for customers. They are also something many customers will find interesting to look at. The pictures can help gain attention.
Post pictures and videos on your website and on your social media pages. When people see the pictures, they will start to think about how you can transform their home in a similar way. Hopefully, they will call to set up an appointment.

Digital marketing is essential these days. You need to jump on the bandwagon whether you like it or not. With a little bit of effort, you will find yourself busier than ever. All you need to do is follow these simple tips. If you aren’t tech savvy, talk to a digital marketing firm about how they can help with digital marketing for landscaper.